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The company is into producing, acquiring, broadcasting and distribution of television and radio programs for entertainment related information worldwide through the Company's own or hired channels by satellite link up, terrestrial networks, radio programmes and by any other means of broadcasting subject. The Company also owns franchises all over the world with the brand name "Police Diary.News". It also work on Information Technology Area. Current visitor count 620413.

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What is Transport Portal?

The Transport Portal enables you to prepare your digital consignment notes in a very simple manner. You save time, money and streamline your relations with your customers and partners.

          Once the consignment notes have been prepared, invite your customers and partners to interact and consult them in real-time, available via apps on mobile devices and web-applications.

For who?

      The Transport Portal is very convenient for the shippers, carriers or forwarders who prepare, issue, manage and sign for the e-CMR.

A true revolutionary tool for your business!

Safe: No data loss, no misinterpretation of information, secure filing, fraud-proof, the option of different signature modes on delivery.

Fast: Preparation in less than 5 minutes, data is stored to expedite the issuing of new consignment notes.

Economical: Swifter invoicing, proven reduction of administrative costs, less paper, less printing, less unnecessary bureaucracy.

Easy: Intuitive steps for issuing consignment notes, stored in the same place and can be browsed from a PC, mobile phone or tablet.

Transparent: Real-time traceability, all actors in the supply chain are involved, the possibility of adding photos or information.

  • Register your company on the Transport Portal and issue your first digital consignment note.
  • Follow the 5 very simple steps to complete your digital consignment note, whether it is international or national (shipper, consignee, carrier, goods, conditions of transport)
  • Easily add documents to accompany the consignment notes (delivery notes, certificates of origin, invoices, etc.).
  • Distribute your digital consignment notes to all parties involved in the transport chain (shipper, carrier, consignee) on the Trans Follow application or generate it in PDF format, if required.